Client Testimonials

Thanks Nate,
You guys are doing phenomenally. Thank you. Jess is pretty much always a rockstar. Seriously.

- R.

I can hardly believe it’s all actually going to work out – YOU and Spencer are the best printers in the world 🙂

- A.M.

Books arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Really beautiful printing, and we’ve started selling/sending them off right on schedule. Thanks again for all your hard work, and I hope you have a happy holidays as well!

- T.C.

Glad, indeed for this success, but most importantly glad in whatever help that our check gives in the keep of your company. I have gotten nothing but praise for the physical quality of your (our) books, and for Elizabeth’s (my wife’s) design and layout for all.
Much in praise to you, Rebecca, and all at Spencer’s – tell everyone there for me, how grateful we are down here along the Mason-Dixon line for what you do. (and Jessica, too, has been, simply tremendous.)
Better than best,

- R.M.

I never cease to be impressed by you.

- L.D.

Just want to say thank you. I just took delivery of my 2nd job from Spencer Printing. Very smooth workflow and your staff (Vince, Jess, etc..) delivers far above avg csat.
Look forward to the next printing in July/Aug.

- J.G.

Thanks for taking good care of the packaging and for the prompt turnaround.
All the best,

- L.

That’s perfect! THANK YOU for being communicative and wonderful and always exceeding expectations.

- L.D.

Thank YOU! If it wouldn’t decompose, I’d bake you a cake and mail it.

- M.T.

Hi Jess,
I’ve just opened the first box of books and am so, so grateful for your help through this process. They are beautiful and the linen you suggested is wonderful. I will be sure to handle each and every one and let you know if I notice anything askew, but I’m sure they’re perfect.
Thanks again,

- A.P.

So thrilled and thankful to both of u for your patience and hard work with this first issue. We look forward to a long and happy relationship. Thanks for everything!

- S.E.

Hey Jess,
They are perfect! Exactly what I wanted!
You can print them whenever you have time.
I really appreciate your help and patience.
Thank you so much!

- K.K.

Thank you so much for all your helping during the process of printing Black & White’s 2015 literary publication! I received all 500 copies and the journal came out great!

- A.S.

Just wanted you to know that we’ve had a number of positive comments about the 2016 calendar. Nice job!

- M.G.

I just wanted to say thank you for a great job done!! We received the Kasasa cards and our Checking account cards and they are all great!

Thank you so much for always being timely and accommodating, really super to work with you, I really appreciate it!

- E.P.

The Chugalug King just arrived––it is SO beautiful. It’s a book you can’t help but pick up and hold, which I haven’t stopped doing periodically since I opened the box two hours ago! And the back cover was adjusted after all? A happy surprise! Another marvelous print job on your end, and I wanted to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you!

- C.D.

Thank you both SO MUCH for your amazing work with our students last night. I can see that you made it home safely–or at least Jessica did! You are our favorite printer, our family printer, our University printer…. and next, I’m DEFINITELY ordering placemats!

- K.K.

I know I’ve been a headache these past few days. You’ve been super amazing and really patient. Thank you so much for rolling with the punches.

- N.R.

Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know, Gwyn. You guys have been a pleasure to work with and my project came out beautifully.

- A.R.

The books arrived safe and sound! Sorry for not touching base on that sooner; most of the last week and a bit have been spent folding everything.
I was also surprised to see extras! I mean, not that I’m complaining; we may make some broadsides out of some of the extra covers…or just save them in the possibility we sell out the first run.
Thank you again for all of your help throughout the process! I could not have asked for a better first time out-of-house printing, and I am FOR SURE going to send some more work y’alls way 🙂

- M.Z.

I just wanted you to know that I received my books and they look fantastic!
Thank you and all the folks who worked on my book for everything. I hope to be in touch soon to do some more business:-)

- C.

Real quick just wanted to say that I received the journal and it’s awesome! Looks and feels great, can’t wait to get the order in! Thanks again for all your help and answering all my questions. Excited to start working with you guys moving forward!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

- C.K.

I want to thank you for your amazing service and for my lovely book! I knew that Spencer would be the perfect fit after seeing your passion for printing at UB. Your decision to change the cover’s paper made my book even better and I love the feel of it in my hand. I realize that many printers would have moved forward with the original, regardless of the quality and am so grateful for your dedication towards perfection. I will absolutely recommend you to others and will remember Spencer when my next book comes out!

- T.S.

Thank you,
I appreciate it. Will contact you soon. Looking forward to working with you guys. Customer service is Awesome!!!!

- C.W.

I just wanted to confirm with you that we received the Write Who You Are anthologies this afternoon – a whole day early! They are STUNNING. I am so, so, so thrilled. Thank you for all your hard work, and for getting it all done so quickly. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with you in the future!

- K.K.

Sorry just now emailing you back but I wanted to say the books came out amazing! The colors just pop on those pages!
As always ya’ll are the best!

- M.D.

like unbelievable amounts.

- L.D.

On a serious note, thank you so much for helping us out and being so responsive, we really appreciate it!

- I.A.

I have been wanting to write to you and thank you for your marvelous work on our anthology! We are so happy and grateful to you for your supreme professional guidance. The books are beautifully printed. We are thrilled!!! And have referred your name to the people who asked for a printer!
Very best and with appreciations,

- J.T.

Dr. Reilly and the entire staff is super excited for the end product. You are making a dream of his a reality. Thank you for being a part of it.

- M.M.

Thank you so much, Jess, for another wonderful job!

We got our shipment Friday, and the author got her copies yesterday, and everybody is thrilled with it. We can’t wait to start filling orders to show it off.

- S.

Books arrived yesterday afternoon and are beautiful! Probably my favorite we’ve put out yet.
Thanks again for your hard work and speedy delivery!

- T.C.

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